“The Classics”

Maybe a bit random but I was just thinking about it today. As to why certain books and movies are labeled as ‘classics’ and that “everyone should read or see them at least once”. When they might not even be that good/profound/insightful as everyone says (to some they are, I understand. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.). Why we are forced to read them in school; not everybody (probably not many) gets anything out of them. To me personally, “the classics” are my favorite movies, my favorite books, (tv, video games, etc.). And if I never see/read “the actual classics” I’m sure I, and you, will get along just fine.

Furthermore, I think it’s perfectly ok to like a movie or tv remake (or even a sequel) better than the original. You can still enjoy and appreciate everything from the original, and seeing it translated in the new one. Also, don’t feel bad if someone likes the original but you like the remake (something I still find myself doing occasionally, but I try not to let it get to me). For example, I still enjoy the original Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella; but I really enjoyed Maleficent and the new live-action Cinderella (<it’s one of my new faves).

(I could get into all my favorite movies and books and such, but that would probably take awhile so I’ll leave that for another post). Thanks for stopping by!


(p.s. I’ll do my best to up my blogging game) 🙂


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