‘Adventure Style’ Photoshoot

11221341_10205372540336561_8824574038199442482_n 12208274_10205372538536516_9039586392267683707_n(see post after photos)12208552_10205372539496540_6391815956183369358_n 12208760_10205372539856549_3621849396201197898_n 12219455_10205372539176532_2744812686346797842_n 12234866_10205372538136506_5829885488623279816_n 12235060_10205372537256484_1900580612270089051_n 12239503_10205372538256509_3344969999238360916_n 12241583_10205372537896500_2349786385183522771_n 12241638_10205372539296535_4636288589332093609_n 12241729_10205372538816523_6697289793064800991_n 12243239_10205372540136556_6143510083118281094_n 12243457_10205372540536566_5982501618635570518_n 12247081_10205372539016528_9110718160671752582_n 12250167_10205372539656544_7973735313977498551_n

I am currently doing some online fashion courses (Teen Vogue x Parsons), and for one of the assignments we had to create a pinterest board with a theme of some sort that also involves fashion. Wasn’t sure what to do but this year I’ve been really enjoying the ‘adventurer’ style, and catching up on the Hobbit movies. So I created a board of “Adventure Style” ( https://www.pinterest.com/catluver2425/adventure-style/ ) for that explorer/adventure-y/wanderlust style. More muted colors, cozy knits, metallic, leather. Cardigans, leggings, backpacks, long necklaces, hats, dresses, boots; that kind of thing. So for another assignment we had to photograph an image of ourselves or a friend that represented that same style and feeling of the pinterest board. My mom photographed me and I think she did an awesome job. She really captured the aesthetic I was going for. These were shot in the late afternoon in a park that’s only a street away from my house. A tad windy but I think it worked for us. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. ^-^



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