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“Do you have a role model?” My boyfriend asked. I said no, other than him, but as some time has passed, I realize that I do… Marzia Bisognin, also known as CutiePieMarzia, is a Yo…

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Favorite Youtubers/Bloggers

Me again! Today I felt like sharing a list of my favorite youtubers/bloggers that really inspire me, particularly ones that are into fashion, makeup, diys, art, that type of thing. You can tell they always put a lot of time and effort into their videos, and are passionate about what they do. I highly recommend checking them out.
(I’ll leave a link to their youtube channel and blog, you can find their other social media in the description box of any of their videos.)

Marzia Bisognin/cutiepiemarzia
Probably my fave, I found her through her boyfriend’s youtube channel ‘Pewdiepie’ (who is also one of my top faves) and I just loved her videos. She puts so much effort into her videos, they’re all so creative and unique like her. She posts fashion, makeup, diy/cooking, vlogs, and occasionally animations based on her own stories (she’s also an author!). She is Italian and lives in the UK, so it’s always interesting to see the places she visits. She has a cute/Japanese/vintange/seventies/edgy style which I think is very different and cool. Somethings I wouldn’t wear myself but are still great on her, and she has inspired me to try more cute and “girly” things in my personal style. Really just a top notch youtuber-blogger. I highly recommend checking her out. 🙂 (blog)

Kate Albrecht/Mr. Kate
Kate Albrecht, though possibly more well known as ‘Mr. Kate’ is someone who I find just so inspiring. She posts fashion, (sometimes makeup), home décor, and diy/upcycling videos. She got her start as an actress, then with her husband she started the ‘Mr. Kate’ brand. She is a jewelry and accessory designer (she designs and casts all the pieces herself), fashion and home stylist. She is not afraid to be herself and push the envelope with her style. Her style is bold, sassy and unique (much like herself) I love that about her. She wrote a book “A Hot Glue Gun Mess”, where she tells all sorts of crazy stories about her life and plenty of diys of course. I really recommend giving it a read. (blog) (book)

Klaire De Lys
An artist in every sense of the word. She is a makeup artist, diy-er(though not your average ‘basic’ diy-er that you see a million of on youtube), author, and musician. Her makeup tutorials are usually inspired by a character or concept, known or of her own design, and they are all so creative. Very calming and relaxing to watch, same with her diys. Her diys are decorating old objects/clothing pieces and making them interesting again and costume/cosplay type items. She is in a band called Malumi with her friend Sara Rose. All of the songs on their upcoming (and first!) album are different styles so it’s kinda hard to just pin them on one; folk/rock I guess? You’ll have to take a listen for yourself. I always enjoy her videos. (her band)

Kota Wade/Steamfaerie
Music, makeup, and fashion is what makes up Kota Wade (and her youtube channel). She was mainly known as ,Steamfaerie’ before. She was recently on ‘The Voice’ on Team Gwen. She posts makeup tutorials usually inspired by a character, but also her own looks, music covers with her own twist, and original music occasionally.I actually used her cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for my dance solo last year. Kota also has her own band ‘Bad Wolf’ with some friends. She doesn’t post as much fashion things on her channel anymore but on her blog and Instagram she does. Her style is definitely pastel goth/punk. Check her out too!

Tiffany “Tiffy” Quake
The girl with purple and blue hair. Another awesome youtuber and artist. She posts style,  and diy videos that are just so chill and unique; for the home and cosplay transformations. She also has a gaming channel, which I don’t check out as often but it still enjoyable to watch. We definitely need some more girl gamers on youtube don’t you think? (there probably is, I just don’t see them as often). A kind soul, her and her husband often work with charities. (who is also occasionally on her gaming channel. They also have a toy/figure unboxing channel together. I’m going to post a link to one of my favorite videos of hers showing her favorite lip products because it’s unique and cool and looks like a professional makeup ad. I just really like it and it deserves some love.

Mary Blair/Mary Doodles
Artist, occasional improver. She has a style all her own. She mainly works in watercolor, ink, and Copic markers. She mainly posts time lapse art videos, and a vlog on Fridays.(She also sells prints of her work if you’re interested). It’s always so cool to see what new concept she comes up with or what she makes of someones request on her channel. She also posts ‘how to art’ videos that informative and easy to follow. Her channel needs some love, check her out. 🙂

Here’s some more youtubers who are also very creative and wonderful and worth checking out:

Alexys Flemming/MadeYewLook
Body painting and occasionally makeup, very talented and creative. She paints known characters and her own. An entrepreneur and esthetician who also does charity work. Enjoyable and relaxing to watch.

Promise Phan/dope2111
Makeup, her Disney tutorials are so fun and she always puts a ton of effort into her vids, not only with the makeup, but to tell a story as well. And her celebrity transformations are seriously mind-blowing. You’ve probably seen pictures of her work on pinterest, tumblr, and such.

PJ Liguori/KickThePJ
Story teller and artist. I just recently found him and his videos are all so different, but humorous and fun. He recently created a 6 episode series on Vimeo called “Oscar’s Hotel” about a guy who manages a hotel for monsters while his uncle is away. (10 or 12 dollars, can’t remember for sure. but definitely worth it).

Michelle Phan
Entrepreneur (ipsy glam bag, EM cosmetics), artist, makeup, occasional diys. Quite well known.

Annika Victoria
Diy/sewing vids that are cool and informative. Not boring.

Alexa Poletti
Fashion, makeup/cosplay tutorials. Kawaii. (she seemed to have 3 different blogs but this one was updated the most recently).

Other faves, though not necessarily fashion/art:

Jenna Marbles
Angela Clayton
Gigi Gorgeous
Shane Dawson
HISHE-How It Should Have Ended
Cartoon Hangover
Brendan Jordan
Traci Hines

Well! That was certainly a long post, but I really hope you enjoyed it and maybe found some new people to watch and read. 🙂


‘Adventure Style’ Photoshoot

11221341_10205372540336561_8824574038199442482_n 12208274_10205372538536516_9039586392267683707_n(see post after photos)12208552_10205372539496540_6391815956183369358_n 12208760_10205372539856549_3621849396201197898_n 12219455_10205372539176532_2744812686346797842_n 12234866_10205372538136506_5829885488623279816_n 12235060_10205372537256484_1900580612270089051_n 12239503_10205372538256509_3344969999238360916_n 12241583_10205372537896500_2349786385183522771_n 12241638_10205372539296535_4636288589332093609_n 12241729_10205372538816523_6697289793064800991_n 12243239_10205372540136556_6143510083118281094_n 12243457_10205372540536566_5982501618635570518_n 12247081_10205372539016528_9110718160671752582_n 12250167_10205372539656544_7973735313977498551_n

I am currently doing some online fashion courses (Teen Vogue x Parsons), and for one of the assignments we had to create a pinterest board with a theme of some sort that also involves fashion. Wasn’t sure what to do but this year I’ve been really enjoying the ‘adventurer’ style, and catching up on the Hobbit movies. So I created a board of “Adventure Style” ( ) for that explorer/adventure-y/wanderlust style. More muted colors, cozy knits, metallic, leather. Cardigans, leggings, backpacks, long necklaces, hats, dresses, boots; that kind of thing. So for another assignment we had to photograph an image of ourselves or a friend that represented that same style and feeling of the pinterest board. My mom photographed me and I think she did an awesome job. She really captured the aesthetic I was going for. These were shot in the late afternoon in a park that’s only a street away from my house. A tad windy but I think it worked for us. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. ^-^


“The Classics”

Maybe a bit random but I was just thinking about it today. As to why certain books and movies are labeled as ‘classics’ and that “everyone should read or see them at least once”. When they might not even be that good/profound/insightful as everyone says (to some they are, I understand. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.). Why we are forced to read them in school; not everybody (probably not many) gets anything out of them. To me personally, “the classics” are my favorite movies, my favorite books, (tv, video games, etc.). And if I never see/read “the actual classics” I’m sure I, and you, will get along just fine.

Furthermore, I think it’s perfectly ok to like a movie or tv remake (or even a sequel) better than the original. You can still enjoy and appreciate everything from the original, and seeing it translated in the new one. Also, don’t feel bad if someone likes the original but you like the remake (something I still find myself doing occasionally, but I try not to let it get to me). For example, I still enjoy the original Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella; but I really enjoyed Maleficent and the new live-action Cinderella (<it’s one of my new faves).

(I could get into all my favorite movies and books and such, but that would probably take awhile so I’ll leave that for another post). Thanks for stopping by!


(p.s. I’ll do my best to up my blogging game) 🙂

First Post!

Hey there. Welcome to my blog. I’ve always wanted one but now I’m finally doing it. Of course I would like the first post on my blog to be something cool and exciting, all about me. But instead I will offer you links to various social media that I am on almost constantly. They showcase my interests; fashion, media, geeky things, creative things, a touch of humor. Which I also hope to create and share on here for all of you. Thanks for stopping by, hope you stick around.  🙂